FamilyChiropractic care isn’t just for you; it’s for your whole family. From infants to senior citizens, everyone can benefit from the gentle touch of a chiropractor. Here at Graham Chiropractic we assist all ages from infants, to adults, and our community’s senior citizens; our patients live the best quality of life.



The purpose of an adjustment for a newborn baby is to ease the correction of vertebral subluxation that develops in the spine due to stress. A baby undergoes much stress while developing in the womb and even more so when born. Too much stress can create tangible vertebral subluxation in their spines that can be detected by chiropractors. Infants also have better sleeping patterns, healthier brain development, and have a stronger immune system while receiving chiropractic care.


Children and Young Adults

Due to the increase in chronic childhood diseases,many families proactively seek alternative health care for their children. Chiropractors offer natural treatment and prevention against many chronic and acute conditions during those most crucial years of development.


Adults and Senior Citizens

You wake up and feel your joints popping and muscles aching. It’s the mattress you wanted to replace three years ago, too many hours spent sitting, and many other details that add stress to your mind and body. As we grow older it is important to ensure our bodies are working with us, not against. By seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis you are making the choice to ensure you live the best quality of life throughout your whole life. Chiropractic care is a stepping stone to growing up without growing old.

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