SportsWhether you’re a professional athlete, seeking to live an active lifestyle, or fall somewhere in between, a chiropractor can assist in recovery from an injury, and can even help prevent them from happening. The wear and tear of running, jumping, lifting,andother activities adds a great deal of stress to our bodies that if not compensated for can lead to devastating consequences. By visiting Graham Chiropractic on a regular basis,you can assist your body in taking care of itself.

Chiropractic is designed to instantly allow your body to heal better. That means with every visit to our office you assist your body towards a quick recovery. Graham Chiropractic looks at the underlying issue, not just the surface. The most common injuries we treat are sprains, strains, knee injuries, and tennis elbow. In our offices we offer Electrical Stimulation Therapy and Hydrotherapy Massage Tables. Electrical Stimulation Therapy is used to help control pain, muscle contractions, as well as reduce swelling caused by fluid in the body’s tissues. Our Hydrotherapy Massage Table is used to relax tension in your body by giving you a soothing massage to help break up scar tissue and knots. These two tools paired with precise adjustments are what will ease your body into an efficient recovery.

Prevention is key to ensuring the best quality of life while working towards your physical goals. By coming in for periodic adjustments, we are able to keep your body working with you, not against. When a vertebra is out of alignment,the signals your brain sends throughout your body are disrupted. This disruptance is referred to as a subluxation. Signs of a subluxation can be detected by a chiropractor before they cause enough damage to be decoded by you, which is why it is important to periodically visit us to ensure subluxations are not ignored. Subluxations are caused by emotional stress, physical stress, and chemical stress and are the leading cause of impaired immune function, decreased mental function, and altered emotional stability. Keeping your spine aligned is the most natural form of maintenance you can provide to your body to prevent injuries.

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